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Medication side effects are the #4 leading cause of death in the U.S. annually (JAMA 1998). Yet, few people receive adequate information when medication is prescribed. This website is dedicated to providing information to help you and your doctor make informed, intelligent choices about medications and natural alternatives to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of treatment. Note: This website is free of drug company or government influence. Jay S. Cohen M.D.

Dr. Jay S. Cohen, M.D.

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The MedicationSense E-Newsletter

July – September, 2003

AMA: Switching Patients’ Medication Without Their Consent is Unethical
Switching patients’ drugs without their input occurs frequently in health management systems today. But is it ethical? What about your right of informed consent? I raised this issue in a top medical journal, then asked the American Medical Association.

The HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) Debacle and What it Says About Drug Safety in America
New studies link the hormones in Prempro and Premarin with cancer and heart disease, shocking millions of women and their doctors. But why were three generations of women exposed before discovering these risks? Is the problem the drugs or excessive doses? So many questions haven’t been answered, especially this one: What does the HRT debacle say about drug safety today?

Serious Reactions Associated with Cipro, Levaquin, and Related Antibiotics
Since the publication of my article on Cipro’s side effects during the anthrax scare of September 2001, I continue to receive reports of devastating reactions linked to Cipro, Levaquin, and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics. My article prompted the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to alter their guidelines, but it hasn’t altered the overuse of these antibiotics and the failure of the healthcare system to prevent these problems.

Cohen, Nader, Rosenfeld, Kelly Address Drug Company Leaders
Fireworks exploded when Ralph Nader squared off against Pfizer President Patrick Kelly, while Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld painted a bleak picture of today’s healthcare, and malpractice attorney Stephen Sheller told the drug industry to develop a “greed pill” for itself. In between, I explained how medication side effects can be prevented, benefiting patients, doctors, and drug companies alike.

Prescription Drug Use in America: The Startling Numbers and Their Implications
In 2002, Americans filled 3,340,000,000 outpatient prescriptions — 12 prescriptions for every man, woman, and child. Is today’s American dream 2 kids, 2 cars, and a dozen drugs for everyone? Medications are vital for millions of people, but what is the message: that for every symptom and sensation the solution is a pill?

Chocolate: A Health Food?
Can we believe a recent study revealing the benefits of chocolate? And the enthusiasm of doctors, mainstream and alternative, including Andrew Weil? Or is it too good to be true? And how much chocolate can we enjoy?