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Mainstream medicine's approach to migraines is drugs, but natural remedies can work just as well with few adverse effects.

A migraine isn't just another headache. Migraines can impair functioning and be disabling. The World Health Organization ranks migraines as one of the worst types of pain known to humans.

Approximately 25 million adult Americans suffer migraines on a regular basis. So too do 6 million children, a condition that is often overlooked or misdiagnosed. In fact, many children experience migraines in unexpected areas such as the abdomen. The pain is so severe, they are rushed to emergency rooms, yet all medical tests are normal. These migraines have a specific name -- "abdominal migraines" -- and there are many articles about them in the medical literature. Yet many doctors are not aware of this syndrome and miss the diagnosis and prescribe ineffective treatment.

You might think that prescription drugs would be superior to natural remedies for migraines, but study after study has established that many natural remedies are equally effective. Moreover, these studies demonstrate that natural remedies cause far fewer side effects and, in comparison to drugs, rarely cause people to quit treatment.

Another advantage of natural remedies for migraines is that many of them offer additional benefits to the body. Long-term use is safe. Also, many remedies can be used together, if necessary.

Even in the emergency room treatment of acute, severe migraines, there are natural remedies that can be used intravenously and are safer and equally effective as potent prescription drugs.

For children with classic migraines or abdominal ones, natural remedies are a safe way to initiate treatment. Nevertheless, always check with your child's pediatrician before initiating any new treatment.

Proven Effective Treatment for Adults and Children

    Table of Contents
  1. What Are Migraines?
  2. Bio-identical Remedies
  3. Herbal Remedies
  4. Mind and Body Remedies
  5. Preventing Migraines in Children and Adolescents
  6. Natural Remedies for Acute Migraines

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Did You Know?

Mainstream doctors receive almost all of their information about medications from the drug industry: 90,000 sales reps, pervasive advertising, drug company-conducted studies, package inserts and the PDR that are written by the drug industry, and drug industry-underwritten continuing medical education courses. No wonder mainstream doctors' methods are skewed toward prescription drugs.

Alternative medicine has its own problems with accurate information. On March 30, 2002, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported: "Many Websites Make False Health Claims: An international sweep of health related websites has uncovered more than a thousand sites that carry misleading information or make false claims."

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