Dr. Cohen's Office

Dr. Cohen is available for consultation and treatment at his office and for telephone consultations with English-speaking people in the U.S. and around the world.

1337 Camino Del Mar, Suite C
Del Mar, CA 92014

Phone for an appoint or a consultation:

Dr. Cohen's office is located in downtown Del Mar, just minutes from the 5 freeway. There is a four-way stop sign at 13th Street and Camino Del Mar. The office is located in the Del Mar Medical Arts Building, on the east side of the street, just a few doors north of the 13th Street intersection.

The address of the street level offices of the Medical Arts Building is 1335 Camino Del Mar. If you walk to the rear of the building, you will see the address 1337. A stairway will lead you up to Dr. Cohen's office. Please note: There is no handicap access to Dr. Cohen's office.


The parking lot for Dr. Cohen's building, the Del Mar Medical Arts Building, has spaces for patients. The entrance is just north of the 13th Street intersection, just past the Del Mar Library. You can use any space marked for patients. If the patients' spaces are full, the exit from the parking lot will take you to 14th Street, turn right. Turn right again onto Maiden Lane. About 30 yards into the lane, there are more spaces for the Medical Arts Building. A flight of stairs will take you down to the rear of Dr. Cohen's building, where the stairs to Dr. Cohen's office are located. If the parking lots are full, there is ample street parking. Be sure to bring plenty of quarters.


From the north: Take freeway 5 south to the Via de la Valle exit, turn right (west) onto Via de la Valle. Turn left at the first intersection; this will put you on Jimmy Durante Boulevard, which circles around the race track. Jimmy Durante Blvd merges into Camino Del Mar, heading south. Go straight through two traffic lights, and then you will come to a 4-way stop. This is 13th Street. Make a U-turn and look for the parking lot to the Del Mar Medical Arts Building.

From the south: Take the 5 or 805 freeway going north. 805 merges into the 5, after which you can exit at Carmel Valley Road or at Del Mar Heights Road. As you come off of the 5 exit, turn left (west). Both Carmel Valley Road and Del Mar Heights Road will take you to Camino Del Mar (coast highway, U.S. 101). Follow Camino Del Mar approximately 1 mile to the intersection at 13th Street and Camino Del Mar.

From the east: (Carmel Valley, Rancho Bernardo and Penasquitos, Poway, etc): Take route 56 west (Ted Williams Parkway), exit at El Camino Real, go straight (west). This puts you on Carmel Valley Road. Continue going straight until Carmel Valley Road ends, then merge right (north) into Camino Del Mar (coast highway, U.S. 101). Follow Camino Del Mar approximately 1 mile to the intersection of 13th Street and Camino Del Mar.

An alternative route from Carmel Valley is to take Del Mar Heights Road west to Camino Del Mar. Turn right (north) and go to the intersection at 13th Street and Camino Del Mar.

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Mainstream doctors receive almost all of their information about medications from the drug industry: 90,000 sales reps, pervasive advertising, drug company-conducted studies, package inserts and the PDR that are written by the drug industry, and drug industry-underwritten continuing medical education courses. No wonder mainstream doctors' methods are skewed toward prescription drugs.

Alternative medicine has its own problems with accurate information. On March 30, 2002, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) reported: "Many Websites Make False Health Claims: An international sweep of health related websites has uncovered more than a thousand sites that carry misleading information or make false claims."

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